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Roland RP-107 Digital Piano

October 30, 2019
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Roland RP-107 Digital Piano

Authentic Piano Performance with Modern Connectivity

Designed to meet the needs of first-time players and piano enthusiasts, the Roland RP107 digital piano is always perfectly in tune (quickly paying for itself by saving hundreds of dollars in tuning fees annually). It’s lightweight, compact and attractive – so it can fit in any room of the house and – thanks to its headphones ports – can be played anytime you or your student want without disturbing others in the home!


What truly sets the Roland RP107 apart from other similarly-priced pianos is its incredible performance features. The RP107 features a cutting-edge “Better than Weighted Key” key action, a life-like grand piano sound (along with 300+ other instrument sounds) and FULL Bluetooth MIDI and Audio features! When you connect this piano to the FREE Roland Piano App, won’t believe all the things it can help your student learn! Digital flashcards help with note training. The built-in scales and exercises help build finger independence and a basic understanding of music theory. …and the One Week Master program helps coach students to learn a new song in one week! …and that’s just one app! Scroll down to “The Learning Center” and check out all the other amazing music apps you can use with the Roland RP107.

Get your Roland RP107 from Riverton Music today. Our low price guarantee gives you peace of mind that you’ll always get the best price and our 50+ year reputation guarantees that you’ll always get better service from Riverton Music than you will anywhere else!

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